Update V5.3 for “Fortnite” is now live as it introduced some new stuff in the third-person shooter alongside some Limited Time Modes. Upcoming cosmetics were also spotted within the game files and were later on leaked by several data miners. They’ve also stumbled upon additional intel suggesting that the game’s battle royale version could be getting new weapons.

Data miner FortniteLeaks (@Fortnitee_Leaks) recently took to Twitter yet again to show what he just dug up within the game files. If his tweets are anything to go by, it may well seem that some Save the World weapons will be making their way to “Fortnite” battle royale.

The leaker claims that “Fortnite” BR could be getting a flamethrower in the game. He even posted a screenshot of the file location to back up such claim. It’s also worth noting that some of these game assets have interesting filenames on them such as “VolcanicPitThrower” and “LavaGunParticle.” Another data miner – Storm (@StormLeaks) - tweeted several images of the leaked weapons including what he claims to be the flamethrower.

Suppressed SCAR 3D renders and sound clips

@Fortnitee_Leaks also came across with another game asset suggesting that a suppressed SCAR has been added in the game files. It’s not yet sure though if the weapon will be introduced to battle royale or in Save the World. Both 3D render and audio files of the yet to be released weapon were also found where it featured how it sounds when fired nearby and from afar.

Another weapon that was discovered in the game files is the so-called Quad Launcher. The data miner also tweeted out that the weapon will soon be added in “Fortnite” battle royale and went on stating that the only thing left is Epic Games confirming the launcher in BR.

The Shockwave Grenade

@FNBRLeaks, on the other hand, also found out that an impulse grenade dubbed the Shockwave Grenade has been added in the game files.

Just like the above-mentioned leaks, details about this new item are still undisclosed, though the leaker claims that the throwable will have a Legendary rarity.

Going back to @Fortnitee_Leaks, he also made a tweet suggesting the Week 8 and 9 challenges got some tweaks.

He further explained that instead of looking for hidden Battle Stars, players will now be searching for secret banners. Week 8’s secret banner will be the Tomato Head and Week 9 will be the mysterious cube that recently appeared in the map. The latter is actually located in the Tomato Head temple and it is shown in the upcoming loading screen.