A few days ago, “FortniteTwitch streamer and FaZe Clan member Tfue (Turner Tenney) recently stumbled upon a glitch in the game that crumbles down buildings over at Tilted and he requested Epic Games to have this issue fixed. In line with this, players have also experienced another bug in the third-person shooter where the entire map is covered in total darkness.

Reddit user u/crackedrocks recently posted a short clip over on the FortniteBR subreddit and it featured the so-called blackout bug. The OP added that the light sources came from both car headlights and streetlights, though he pointed out that he couldn’t pick anything up during the match.

Prior to the glitch, the OP recalled that by the time he entered the lobby, all he saw was a fixed view of the background and this went on for quite some time. During the match, he realized that his character was somewhat invisible to other players as he tried to call the attention of other players to eliminate him, but to no avail. He eventually got eliminated via storm damage when he spawned outside of Pleasant Park and was able to see and interact with things by the time his health was down to 20-30.

Mobile players have experienced it too

Blueleaderrex also came across the same glitch and got the chance to clip it and upload it to YouTube. It can also be observed that the player was on a mobile and he too was barred from interacting with the things around him.

However, unlike u/crackedrocks, he was spotted by an enemy and got eliminated.

Players seem to like it

The Reddit user’s post gained some traction among members of the subreddit as a lot of them are down on having a game mode akin to the bug. Such LTM would be an awesome addition to the game since Halloween is fast approaching, not to mention that there are some cosmetics in the game that emit light.

Already pitched a few months ago

A few months back, u/FLcitizen pitched an LTM idea that is pretty much similar to the blackout bug. Dubbed as Moonlight, it is a game mode where it’s night time during the whole game.

It was also suggested that scoped weapons will be thermal and players will be using headlamps that can be switched on and off. Players won’t be able to see whenever they’re inside the storm, adding that headlamps won’t work as well. However, players can still see their location on the map in the storm. The Redditor's post was well-received by members of the subreddit and it raked in a massive number of upvotes.