Epic Games have just released the v6.22 patch for "Fortnite Battle Royale." The latest update has added a new weapon, two limited-time game modes, NFL skins, and many new game files data miners have been able to recover and extract useful information from. Because of this, we know what things are coming to the popular video game, and it seems that Epic Games are preparing something huge for "Fortnite" players.

The "Fortnite Battle Royale" developers have been constantly changing the video game. Ever since it was released in September 2017, the battle royale game has received numerous updates and it is very unlikely that Epic Games will change anything.

According to data mined files, "Fortnite" players are going to get another vehicle. This time, however, the developer will release a flying vehicle.

Flying Fortnite Battle Royale vehicle

The latest patch has added some new files to the game data. These files include the upcoming NFL skins, emotes, and the Hunting Party skin. However, the biggest addition to the game data is the presence of another vehicle. What makes this vehicle special is that it sounds like an airplane. At the moment, we don't know many details on how exactly this vehicle will work, but there is no doubt we will get more information very soon.

The vehicle is called Bumble and its name in the game data is bumble_overhead. Considering that the current map is too small for an airplane, it will be interesting to see what this vehicle will be like.

There is a chance that the flying vehicle would have a one-time use or that it would be big enough so that enemies could easily shoot it down.

In the tweet above, you can hear that the upcoming vehicle sounds like.

While data miners still haven't found the 3D model for this vehicle, it won't be surprising if Epic Games add it in the next update. For now, it appears that only sound files have been added to the game data.

New map might be added soon

Epic Games have announced that a new "Fortnite Battle Royale" map would be added eventually.

The current map is too small for so many mobility items, and adding an airplane might be too much. Considering that the video game has been out for over a year, we could expect its developer to add a new map soon. A new map would not only make the game feel fresh and new again, but it would definitely help "Fortnite" to further increase its player base.

A new map would require a lot of work, but there is no doubt that it would be very profitable. Is it going to happen soon? We will have to wait and see.