Many "Fortnite Battle Royale" players have asked Epic Games to release a special in-game map for December. While the "Fortnite" developer has had a Christmas event in the game, there was no snow on the map, and that is what players want. Fortunately, it appears that this could happen in Season 7. Epic Games has hinted at a snowy map a few times, and we expect it to be released in the next season. Double pumping could also be returning to the game.

In December, the video game developer released a small seasonal event. There were a few changes in "Fortnite Battle Royale," such as a different battle bus skin, bushes with lights, different supply drop packages, and more.

Additionally, the developer put several Christmas trees on the island, and each tree had up to three chests. Epic Games has hinted that the next Christmas event could be big, so we are hoping that we will get a snowy map.

Snowy Fortnite map

Epic Games has posted several clues about a snowy map that could be added to "Fortnite Battle Royale" in the last month of this year. While these clues may not mean anything, many players believe that the game developer has released them to hint at the upcoming changes. This wouldn't be the first time Epic Games has done it, which is why players are trying to find even more clues.

The first clue was found in the lobby background that was released after the Butterfly event.

The background shows Leaky Lake and its surroundings, but it also has a snowy mountain that can be seen further away. Maybe this is one of the reasons the game broke the record for most concurrent players?

The second clue was found by Reddit user super_star_BETA. The user discovered a snowy castle that can be found by looking closely at the rift.

While this castle looks nothing like any other structure in the game, what makes it interesting is that it looks like it's surrounded by snowy trees.

Finally, Epic Games has hinted at the snowy map with two skins. The Hunting Party skin, A.I.M., has frozen hands and feet. Additionally, the video game developer has recently released the Deep Freeze bundle for "Fortnite Battle Royale." This bundle includes a few cosmetic items and all of them have a snow theme.

Season 7 start date

Season 6 is slowly coming to its end. The season is going to enter its eighth week on Thursday (November 15), which means that it will end in December. Considering that Season 7 will start shortly after, it makes a lot of sense for Epic Games to release a snowy theme for it. While the developer hasn't confirmed anything yet, we can expect more clues to be released soon.