Tfue fans might remember that the streamer finally purchased a skin (Bullseye skin specifically) in “Fortnite” after a recent retweet dare. He also revealed in one of his livestreams that game developer Epic Games has added the entire roster of football skins in his account albeit declining the offer. That said, this made fellow streamer Ninja respond to such claim debunking what he said.

Ninja’s chat brought to light about Tfue’s announcement of him finally buying a skin in the game and revealing to his fans that Epic added the then yet to be released football skins in his account.

However, he explained that he declined the game developer’s offer, but he claims that Epic still went on adding the NFL-themed skins on his Not_Tfue account.

He’s all about being a hashtag no skin

As mentioned, Ninja commented on Tfue’s situation as he said on his stream that he does not believe that the game maker would just go on adding the outfits without the latter’s consent. He added that Epic is very much aware that Tfue is “all about being a hashtag no skin” and went on saying that Epic is a “very observant company.”

Ninja’s comments continued as he stated that Epic didn’t think that they’re doing Tfue a favor adding that there’s no one at Epic that would think that even though the streamer never buys skins he’ll probably like it if they give the skins early.

Tfue showing proof

Tfue, on the other hand, watched that part of Ninja’s stream and was silent for quite some time before pulling up the email that was sent to him by Epic. Dexerto also covered the story as they noted that Tfue made it clear with Epic that he would turn down their offer unless he was the only streamer being given early access.

Prior to his response, Tfue can also be seen reacting on what Ninja said on his stream about a player that he doesn’t want to play with and that particular person was just clout chasing. Tfue immediately grabbed his phone and double checked to see if he’s following Ninja on Twitter.

Bullseye's dental issue

Meanwhile, Epic recently responded to a post by a Reddit user over on r/FortNiteBR about a minor issue with the Bullseye skin’s teeth.

Per the devs’ humorous reply, they stated that dental hygiene is important adding that the skin will be getting an education on best practices for “keeping their pearly whites shining bright.” They went on stating that those who are affected will be receiving some new set of dentures.