The latest This Week at Bungie blog post has detailed some of the contents and quality of life improvements that are slated to go live alongside “Destiny 2’s” 2.0.5 patch next week. It also featured some of the known issues in the game that Bungie is currently working on and some news about Gambit. The game developer also answered some of the community’s concerns about the game that were not included in the new TWAB which includes the one regarding PSN username changes.

Reddit user u/georgiafan87 made a post over on the game’s subreddit asking about Bungie’s stance on the upcoming implementation of PSN name changes.

It was recently revealed by Beta testers of this program that there’s a possibility that players’ previously purchased game content (DLCs, virtual currencies, etc.), game progress, and even saved data might get lost in the process.

Dmg on PSN username changes

Dmg responded to this stating that their test team will be looking at it, though they are confident that “D2” will not be affected by any of the above-mentioned issues if Guardians opted to change their usernames. he added that this includes any legacy information from the first game. He further explained, however, that they will still be looking at some “edge-case scenarios” in “D1” that won’t affect most of the players:

  • Players having issues signing in to characters
  • Error codes in gameplay
  • Failure to join friends

On masterworking armor, Gambit bounties involving Wizards, and Blind Well-specific loot

Prior to TWAB, Cozmo made a comment about another Redditor’s findings regarding masterworking armor.

Per the post, u/volvangor’s concluded that masterworking it is not worth the core with the way things work in the game lately. That said, the community manager replied stating that he’ll be looking into it adding that he’ll also pass along another player feedback on being able to change the intrinsic armor perk that is similar to “D2” Year one’s masterworking.

In line with this, Dmg will also be passing along an idea coming from another Redditor suggesting that Bungie should include some Gambit bounties that involve players eliminating those Wizards in the hybrid game mode.

(Gambit will have double and triple Infamy that will run from October 30 until November 2, and from November 2 until November 7 respectively). Meanwhile, someone from Twitter also pitched an idea suggesting some Blind Well-specific loot in the game to which the developer tweeted out that such feedback has been heard and will definitely be passed along.