AnonTheNine’s posts over on the Destiny subreddit have been gaining quite a lot of traction among players of the game. They revealed some of the upcoming stuff in “Destiny 2” including “D3’s” development. The Reddit user has recently made a few more interesting comments about the game, including a clarification about the game’s third installment.

For those who are still out of the loop, Anon made a post over a week ago hinting that Europa will be a part of “Destiny 3” and he also revealed that Bungie has recently kicked off its development. That said, someone from the thread pointed out that Kotaku noted back then, that the game’s development started about a year ago.

Anon replied that the publication was wrong about it.

More D3 hints from u/AnonTheNine

The leaker also responded to another comment which asked something about Savathun and Xivu Arath’s return in the game. Anon advised these players to forget about the Witch Queen “till at least the end of Y2, maybe in Y3 or never.” He further explained that Savathun will have no place in “D3.”

Further down the comments, someone also asked about the third game’s main villain to which the leaker responded positively. He added that he knows both their names and what they want. He went on stating, though, that such intel is still too early to disclose. He also stated that he’s 100 percent certain that the third “Destiny” title will have multiple Darkness subclasses.

Another annual pass, but no more comet expansions after Forsaken

On a more recent post on the same subreddit, Anon revealed that there will be another annual pass after Penumbra.

However, he also stated that there will be no more comet expansion after “Forsaken.” He also seems to agree with a comment by another Redditor stating that an annual pass after Penumbra is not significant enough, He added that the current expansion serves as a great base for another year of content, though stretching it further for a couple more years is already pushing it.

Anon pointed out, though, that by that time, the majority of Bungie’s dev team will be on “D3.” He even revealed that “Destiny’s” fourth and last expansion - “Rise of Iron” was not actually part of the plan.

Thunderlord in three weeks

Anon also debunked rumors about the Thunderlord returning today since Festival of the Lost ends this week. He stated that the quest will last three weeks, adding that the Exotic machine gun won’t be returning until then.