Bungie has recently rolled out the patch notes for “Destiny 2’s” 2.1.0 update where it detailed the changes that they implemented in the game alongside several bug fixes. They also released “The Road Ahead” vidoc and it provided information about the upcoming seasons in “D2” and its contents. However, just days after Season of the Forge went live a potential leak has been brought to light and it teased that the most hated character in the game will be making a comeback.

'Destiny' spoilers ahead

Reddit user and data miner u/Ginsor recently took to the Destiny subreddit to reveal what he claims to be a major leak in the upcoming Black Armory expansion.

If the minute-long clip is anything to go by, it looks like Guardians haven’t seen the last of Uldren Sov.

Per the video, it initially showed a Ghost (which players point out to be Pulled Pork) hovering and scanning at some stuff on the ground. It then spotted something from afar and went towards it to investigate. The Ghost hovered and scanned the covered body and began resurrecting it only to reveal the Queen’s brother.

From Uldren’s reaction in the short clip, it’s pretty much evident that he’s very much confused to what just happened as VG 24/7 stated that he may not remember any of the evil deeds that he did. They further explained that it is “keeping in with the Destiny lore” just like the players’ Guardians in the first game.

Cayde-6's dare

The publication also pointed out the Ghost stories lore linking to the Awoken’s return. The lore stated that Pulled Pork is the Ghost that has been searching for his Guardian for quite a while now as it was stated that “maybe he’ll get lucky and find the greatest Guardian of all time.” Destiny players might also remember Cayde-6's dare where he said that the Guardian who’ll be killing him will be the one to replace him as the new Hunter Vanguard.

Early Black Armory weapons

Meanwhile, “D2” players have been getting early Black Armory weapons in the game through the new enemies dubbed as Forge Saboteurs. YouTuber Ninja Pups stated in his recent video that there are currently four of them in the game in which two can be found in the EDZ (one at the Outskirts and the other at The Gulch) and the other two can be spotted on Nessus (at the Artifact’s Edge and at the Hallows). Pups added there are a couple of Triumphs in eliminating the Saboteurs both on Earth and on Nessus. The Black Armory expansion officially goes live on December 4.