Destiny 2” has just entered the Season of the Forge and it will pave the way for the game’s upcoming expansion dubbed the Black Armory. Bungie even rolled out a new vidoc (“The Road Ahead”) where it detailed what Guardians should be expecting in the online-only shooter, not to mention that it also teased the new Exotics that players will be grinding for. Early on in the season, there are folks who have rediscovered an old exploit that allowed them to cut the grind time in getting one of the new Pinnacle weapons in the game. Another is a glitch that allowed players to check what’s inside the new area in the Tower known as the Annex.

An old 'Destiny' exploit

YouTuber Cheese Forever was among the first to share what he called a Loaded Question Strikes cheese where it required players to do the Mindbender’s Ambition farm method as this will count as a strike completion. Per his recent clip, he said that players will just have to launch the Hollowed Lair Nightfall with Heavyweight. Someone from the comments pointed out, though, that the Grenadier is a better choice since the boss goes immune quite frequently. They added that grenades deal massive damage and refresh faster using this Nightfall modifier.

The next step is to eliminate the Hollowed Lair boss followed by two other players killing themselves as well. The same thing goes with the last player as soon as he sees the loot coming out of the chest.

As mentioned, this will be counted as a completed strike and players can now kick off the Nightfall strike from the boss. That said, Guardians will be saving a lot of time in meeting one of the Pinnacle Vanguard weapon requisites from Zavala and at the same time farm the Mindbender’s Ambition shotgun.

Inside the Annex

Meanwhile, another YouTuber – MoreConsole - also uploaded a video showing how to glitch through the new area of the Tower known as the Annex.

To perform the glitch, players will have to trigger the Don’t Pick Me Up challenge where Guardians will have to land on a beam of light without ever touching the floor. Console’s video showed where to go within the game’s social space in order for players to see what’s inside the Annex.

Once inside, it can be observed that the place is pretty huge, though some of the locations are still blocked off.

Some of the interesting parts of the Annex include a room filled with robot frames and another one with some sort of capsule-looking contraption. These two were spotted in the latest vidoc on the part where Bungie’s Production Director Justin Truman talks about Season 7 of “Destiny 2.”