A few days ago, Bungie officially rolled out a new PvP mode in “Destiny 2” dubbed as Breakthrough. That said, Guardians now have more reasons to grind in the game as a heap of content has been added to it since the release of “Forsaken.” However, there are a few who are not happy about it as they claim that the new game mode just allows bullying and stat inflation.

Redditor u/TravyDead recently took to the Destiny subreddit to tell what he and his team experienced while playing Breakthrough. He also suggested they temporarily remove the new PvP mode, adding that Bungie should make the necessary tweak to it as he claims that their team got bullied by more skilled players.

Breakthrough concerns

Per the post, the opposing team just go on winning the first round and then no longer play the objective. He further explained that the other team would just gang up on them so the remaining rounds end in draws. Travy went on, stating that the opposition was basically forcing them to return to orbit. Otherwise, they’ll “suffer the endless torment and stat decay.” He also recalled the time where his team was pitted against a group of streamers and they did the same thing. The OP even heard one of them saying, “Yeah, it’s a broken game mode. Bungie should test it more. I can’t believe they didn’t find this.”

The post gained quite a lot of traction among fellow players and this was noticed by Bungie’s Cozmo.

The community manager left a comment on Travy’s post stating that his concern will be passed along to the Crucible team, adding that more info will be rolled out to players as soon as they arise.

Daily login bonus

Cozmo also made a response on their Bungie Forums as someone pitched in about “Destiny 2” having daily login bonuses.

It looks like they are considering such a suggestion, albeit the fact that the game has some of these daily incentives with daily challenges and Bounties. The community manager even asked how the rewards would show up within the player’s account – via the Postmaster or be picked up from a Vendor.

Mod economy

Dmg, on the other hand, responded to another Reddit user who has concerns over “Destiny 2’s” mod economy.

U/Favure stated in his post that its current economy is no good and suggested that Bungie should add bounties to Banshee to make it more of a realistic grind for people who didn’t get to play year one. Dmg commented that teams are now devising ways to get Guardians more mods a bit more often.