Bungie recently rolled out a new Crucible mode in “Destiny 2” dubbed as Breakthrough. However, as soon as it went live, players have noticed that other Guardians are exploiting the new game mode as numerous reports about bullying and stat inflation have been brought to light. That said, the developer finally responded to this emerging concern among its player base.

Bungie recently took to Twitter to announce that they are temporarily removing Breakthrough from the rotation in the Competitive Crucible playlist as the game maker investigates the issues surrounding it.

As mentioned, Guardians have already expressed their frustrations about the game mode as a lot of them were posted over on the game’s subreddit.

Guardians’ experience with Breakthrough

A post from Reddit user u/Vizra claims that his team was pitted against a group where all are equipped with the Not Forgotten hand cannon. Per Vizra, all the opposing team did was to constantly wreck their team by going to their spawn area and spawn kill them.

The Redditor added that this “rinse and repeat” process went on for about 20-30 minutes before the other team finally decided to end the game. He went on stating that he refused to leave the match as he was told that quitting would cost him 150 points.

The same thing went down with u/TravyDead’s team as they were bullied to go back to orbit.

He even stated that they went against a group of streamers as he heard one of them saying that Breakthrough is a broken game mode and Bungie should have done some more testing on it.

Ghost Fragments

Meanwhile, another Reddit user pitched in an idea to allow Guardians to hold more than 10 Ghost Fragments at a time.

U/vitfall pointed out that in order for players to get all of Spider’s wanted bounties, it would take them 37 Ghost Fragments per week per character. Bungie’s Dmg took notice of it and commented that they are now looking into it adding that he’ll roll out updates as soon as they arise.

Planetary Resources

In line with this, Dmg also responded to another player on the same subreddit as he suggested that purchasing Planetary Resources from the Spider should be a click instead of a press adding that “Destiny 2” players should be able to buy more at a time. The community manager stated that the team is looking to address such pitch. He further explained that the current plan is to take away the timer for non-Masterwork core exchanges. Dmg went on advising them to check on upcoming patch notes as “things could potentially change in the course of development.”