Spider-Man video game updates reveal a classic Spidey suit. IGN streamed a new trailer for the game that focuses on its combat and upgrades, and comic book fans saw the Peter Parker wearing the iconic Scarlet Spider costume, complete with its own special ability.

Sony and Insomniac Games also created a new web page for the game on PlayStation.com, detailing some of Spidey's most notorious villains in the game. The story of the game will feature Peter struggling to balance his already complicated life as an adult and a superhero. But a new threat emerges in New York, as Mister Negative and his gang terrorize the city.

New costume abilities, combat, and weapon crafting

According to Game Rant, the trailer highlights Spider-Man's combat and weapon crafting systems as Daily Bugle chief editor, J. Jonah Jameson, explains them in his morning show, along with his contempt with the wall-crawler. Players can perform combos and air juggles against enemies on the spot, and they can also use the environment as a weapon.

The trailer also revealed the Spider-Punk and the brand new Scarlet Spider outfits. Each has specific abilities. For example, the Punk suit lets Peter unleash sonic vibration with his guitar that blast away surrounding enemies. The Scarlet suit allows Peter to create holograms to confuse enemies. The costumes can be unlocked when players search for Peter's backpacks that are scattered anywhere in the city.

As for weapons, Peter can craft them in his lab, as the video highlights the use of his Spider-drone, web tripwires, and web bombs. Miles Morales will help Peter upgrade each weapon to make them more powerful and efficient.

New supervillain details revealed

Sony and Insomniac Games created a new web page on PlayStation.com for the Spider-Man's rogues in the game such as Kingpin, Shocker, Scorpion, Vulture, Electro, Rhino, and Mister Negative.

Each villain has their own motive in the game's story. For instance, Vulture suffers from spinal cancer due to his prolonged use of his suit. Electro wants to become pure energy, and Rhino wants to get out from his criminal past and start a new life.

Mister Negative's mission is to get revenge against New York officials, who he feels have misused their positions to gain more power and corrupt its citizens for their personal agendas. Kingpin's influence within the city is the only thing balancing order and chaos before Spider-Man captured him, and Martin Li uses it to his advantage.