The latest updates for "Overwatch" reveal the possible next playable character in the roster. A new rumor hints that the mysterious Ominic named Maximilien is the 29th hero that Blizzard Entertainment plans to add for their future events.

There are also new leaked images of the LEGO playsets for the team-based FPS game, featuring several fan-favorite characters and levels associated with it. The game is currently in its third "Halloween Terror" event, and players are engaging in new level redesigns and a special elimination mode to unlock more monstrous skins, spray designs, voice-overs, and animations.

The next Overwatch hero

According to, Blizzard Entertainment's next playable character in "Overwatch" could be the mysterious Omnic, Maximilien. He is seen in as one the leaders of the global terrorist organization, Talon, alongside Doomfist, Moira, and Reaper.

Maximilien first made his debut in the game's tie-in comic book, "Masquerade," where he took the seat of a former ally, Antonio. It came after the black-ops group, Blackwatch, killed him during their mission in Rialto, Italy in the "Retribution" story event [VIDEO].

While Blizzard Entertainment has not made any announcement regarding the Ominc's inclusion on the roster, Video Games are pleading with them to have Maximilien in the game via both YouTube video speculations and social media posts.

Fans also want Maximilien to be a damage-based hero, who can dish a lot of damage and they want him to be a foil for Zenyatta, who is a healer and support character in the game. Blizzard previously launched two playable heroes in the game and they are Torbjorn's paladin daughter, Brigette, and the genius hamster, Hammond [VIDEO].

The game developers have also nerfed and updated some of the characters in the roster like Symmetra's ultimate move, Hanzo's Stormbow, and Torbjorn's Molten Core attack. Players can devise creative strategies for beating other talented players online during sessions or tournaments.

Leaked LEGO playsets

According to Eurogamer, several photos for "Overwatch's" LEGO playsets were leaked online.

Fans can see toy versions of Tracer, Reaper, Soldier:76, Winston, Mercy, Pharah, Genji, and Hanzo.

The playsets also featured maps from the game such as the Shimada Temple in Hanamura, the streets of Dorado, and Watchpoint: Gibraltar. There are also character-build creations for D.Va, Reinhart, and Bastion. For now, Blizzard and LEGO have not yet announced their release dates and price details. However, fans hope that they will reveal more about that soon.