Destiny 2” has just rolled out another weekly reset that updated the game’s challenges and weekly bounties. Bungie is also back at it again as they addressed several concerns that were raised by their gaming community over on their social media platforms.

Community Manager Dmg made several responses on Bungie’s forum page as one of them tackled “D2’s” Exotic rewards. He announced that these rewards will be updated next week adding that it will favor items that Guardians haven’t obtained yet. Duplicates will still be present, though at a very low rate.

He further explained that they also made tweaks with duplicate drops so that it will favor armor over weapons since there are Guardians who are looking for certain perk sets as armor offers random rolls.

Aimbots within the Crucible

He also addressed the issue about players who are using aimbots within the Crucible. This after someone from the forums claimed that one of his friends showed him an aimbot that his friend’s been using for about half a year now without him getting banned by Bungie. According to the player, the bot does not constantly aim for his friend. Instead, it’s being activated with a hotkey resulting to his friend being able to choose when to engage an opponent.

He went on revealing that this cheat also allowed his friend to see other players behind walls. The OP stated that he already reported it to Bungie, though he claims that his friend is still not banned from playing “D2.”

As mentioned, Dmg replied to this post stating that they’ve recently banned players who used aimbots. He added that more penalties are on their way as soon as they double-check their results.

Still no date for Mayhem’s return

He also responded to one of the posts in the forum as it asks about Mayhem. Per Dmg, the game type is currently offline as they are resolving some issues that were introduced in “Forsaken.” Once they’ve gathered enough info, they’ll be rolling out updates on when the mode will return in “D2.” The community manager also took note of a couple of suggestions from players which include the implementation of a shooting range to test weapons and letting players edit their Guardians to which both of these ideas have been passed along.

Spawn rate buff

Cozmo, on the other hand, made a comment on a post regarding the Malfeasance boss’ spawn rate as he revealed they will be “dramatically increasing” it on next Tuesday’s patch.