The latest updates for "Kingdom Hearts 3" reveal Square Enix plan to port the sequel on the Nintendo Switch console. YouTube user DreancastGuy stated his source from Square Enix is interested in porting the game on Nintendo's latest handheld console in order to expand its reach to video game fans.

The Japanese video game publisher also announced a new compilation game for the franchise called "Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far." The third title will feature Sora and his friends fight the Heartless and the new Organization XIII who are terrorizing the Disney Worlds.

Sora will travel to each world to search for clues on how to beat their adversaries and their leader, Master Xehanort.

Nintendo Switch version plans

According to Game Rant, DreamcastGuy's contact from Square Enix stated that the company is "deep in talks" with Nintendo about putting "Kingdom Hearts 3" on the Switch. The source added that they are deeply interested in experimenting with the console's hardware in order to figure out how the sequel's gameplay software can keep up with the Switch systems.

DreamcastGuy speculated that Square Enix will likely work on "KH" compilations first on the Switch before working on the third title in order to test its hardware. The game will be available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, and there have been rumors of a PC version after the release of the console versions.

Another Kingdom Hearts compilation

According to Polygon, Square Enix announced a new compilation game for the "Kingdom Hearts" franchise called "KH: The Story So Far." It will feature HD versions of the nine titles from the first game to "Birth by Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage." The new compilation title will launch on October 30.

So far, the third title will feature new Disney Worlds and characters from "Toy Story," "Monsters Inc.," "Tangled," "Big Hero 6," and "Frozen." There are also new Keyblades transformations for Sora to use in combat such Toy hammers, blasters, Yo-Yos, and more.

Gummi Ships will also make a comeback to the sequel and players can customize it to make it stronger and more durable.

Sora can also visit previous worlds such as Mt. Olympus from "Hercules" and the Carribean from "Pirates of the Carribean."

The sequel will also have other playable characters such as Riku, King Mickey, Kairi, and Axel. They will also have to save one of their own as Aqua has succumbed to the darkness of her heart and became a pawn of Xehanort.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" will launch on January 25 in Japan and on January 29 worldwide for the PS4 and Xbox One.