There are several bugs within “Destiny 2’s” “Forsaken” expansion that have frustrated Guardians for quite a while now. The game’s player base has already brought these issues over on Bungie’s social media pages as its community managers (especially Dmg) have responded to some of them.

The latest TWAB post has tackled quite a lot about “Destiny 2’s” ongoing issues and some upcoming updates. It was also posted over on the game’s subreddit as its members brought up other concerns about the game that were not discussed on the blog. One of the problems that were brought up was the Phoenix Protocol bug.

The game-breaking bug has been in “D2” for quite some time now and Guardians have been asking the developers for some updates. Community Manager Dmg took notice of it as he responded that he believes that a fix Is being cooked up. ETA for such fix has yet to be announced, though.

Phoenix Protocol

For the uninitiated, players, who have experienced the bug, claim that it is caused when the Exotic Chest Armor is paired with the Well of Radiance that eventually cost them the activity they’re playing. Reddit user u/TheMarow even listed the things the bug does in the game (player was on a raid run when it happened):

  • Weapons disappear and players are no longer able to see their gun sights
  • The symbol on the eye of the Riven relic is no longer visible costing players a revive
  • Whenever the boss’ health is down to 10 percent, instead of being teleported to the Ascendant Realm, the player lands as other Guardians do after the first damage phase.

Chaos Reach

Another long-standing bug in “Destiny 2” is from the new Arc Super Chaos Reach.

Guardians who encountered the bug stated that it does not save up the super energy whenever players end it early. Dmg also made a comment on this over on the Destiny subreddit stating that it’s a “fairly nasty bug” and the developers are now looking into it. However, he’s afraid that a resolution for this issue won’t be ready for either 2.0.4 and 2.0.5 patches that are tentatively scheduled on October 16 and 30 respectively.

The same thing goes with the so-called mob glitch where certain enemies in the game seem to be broken (Hive Knights not using their shields and Vex Cyclops that no longer fire). As for the bugged Gambit Clan Engrams, Dmg said it is still under investigation, though, he added that he’ll be making a follow up with the player support team regarding its status.