In Fortnite's fifth season, "Kevin The Cube" left strange runes all over the map as it rolled around the whole area and it finally melted into the Loot Lake, turning it into Leaky Lake as a giant piece of land was sliced off of the face of the map and started floating midair. Season 6 of the game kicked off with the appearance of "Corrupted" biome around the runes that were scattered all over the map.

The Floating Island

So far, the Floating Island is one of the fan-favourite places for players to land on as it provides a better view of the entire battleground and is a home to the campers on the 50V50 game modes.

Since the start of season 6, players have noticed that the Floating Island has been drifting across the map, periodically stopping over the corrupted regions and activating the runes as it lifts a part of the area in the air.

All of the runes have been activated now and Epic Games prepares to launch yet another major in-game event. Those floating runes, which look like tiny islands, have started to gradually hover towards the mother island. Unfortunately, the loot chests on the runes don't spawn now, so we can't expect any major action on them, however, as reported by Forbes, the runes possess the updraft effect that allows you to deploy your glider around them for mobility.

New leaks about the event

While searching through files after V6.10 patch, data miners have found some new information regarding the upcoming event. This new theory was based on new sound files found in the game files.

According to the files relating specifically to the "Cube Island" event, the rune locations will perform five actions during this event: open, focus, pulse, beam, and close.

We still have no idea what the "beam" is going to do, but some players speculate that it will grant players some sort of new powers, although, it can also inflict damage to players. Leakers also managed to get their hand on new background sounds and music in the upcoming event:

Week 4 challenges

Fornite season 6 has advanced to week 4 and brought some interesting new challenges with it.

The free challenges include using Port-a-Fort or Port-a-Fortress in five different matches, searching ammo boxes in seven named locations, and ringing doorbell of a house with an opponent inside in three different matches.

While the battle pass challenges include landing on different locations (Greasy Grove, Wailing Woods, Dusty Divot, Pleasant Park, and Paradise Palms), dancing on top of a clock tower, getting a score of 3 or more at shooting galleries, and eliminating opponents near the corrupted areas.

The new event is rumoured to roll during the weekend, so make sure to land on the map during Saturday and Sunday and keep your eyes peeled for unusual cube activity during that time.