A new This Week at Bungie blog post just went out detailing the ongoing Festival of the Lost, bug fixes, and other issues within “Destiny 2” that they’re currently working on. The developer is also looking into some issues in the game that were not included in this week’s TWAB as these were brought up by members of the game’s subreddit.

One of the concerns that were raised by players is an issue where the Exotic Fusion Rifle – One Thousand Voices seems to be bugged on consoles. According to Reddit user u/brillwill, the weapon on console is doing half the damage of PC due to frame rate which is quite similar to the Warlock’s Chaos Reach.

Bungie’s Cozmo took notice of it and stated that they are already aware of it and are now investigating the issue. The same thing goes with an issue with the Polaris Lance Exotic Scout Rifle where its so-called Perfect Fifth is not proc-ing a burn effect making the Masterwork completion impossible. They are also devising a fix on a tether bug that causes it to disappear on cast.

Health bar visual glitch

Another bug was also brought up by another Redditor where orange enemies still have a small amount of health on their health bars even if they’ve already been eliminated.

U/Well_my_life_sucks further explained that the issue has been in the game since “Forsaken’s” release adding that few posts were made about it over on Reddit. This may look a very tolerable visual glitch, but Guardians are wasting ammo for thinking that the enemy is still alive.

Bright Dust

Cozmo also announced on the same sub that he’ll be asking the dev team to increase the amount of Bright Dust for dismantling Transmat Effects.

This after Reddit user u/Chekoby pitched the idea to either have more Bright Dust whenever they dismantle Transmats or make it cheaper.

Dmg, on the other hand recently took to Twitter to announce that the recent patch (2.0.4) snuck in a fix for performance issues whenever Engrams appear in the world. He further explained that Guardians won’t be experiencing those framerate drops while getting their Edge Transists.

He also pointed out that they are still looking into an issue regarding the game’s UI loading times.

Bungie Senior Designer and Gambit Feature Lead Robbie Stevens also made some clarifications over on Twitter regarding Sleeper crate ammo changes as he stated that such tweaks won’t be live until October 30. This after YouTuber Pyro Gaming noticed that whenever the armor has the Linear Fusion Rifle Scavenger perk, collecting the Power Ammo crate in Gambit still gives out for shots for the Sleeper.