Loot farming in “Destiny 2” has allowed players to stack up some of those essential items and gear in the game, though a lot of them are immediately patched by Bungie. One of the recently discovered farming methods in the game is the Oracle Offering glitch that allowed players to acquire unlimited loot from the Queen’s Chest.

“Destiny 2” player and YouTuber Ninja Pups stated that he stumbled upon this method of farming by accident. In his recent upload, he decided to complete the Gateway Between Worlds Bounty from Petra Venj to receive the Offering.

However, he did not turn it in as he knew that Mara Sov will show up this week as he will be getting his third Seed of Light.

Farming Dreaming City loot

He noticed that obtaining the Offering, but not presenting it to the Oracle Engine until after reset, allows it to stay in the inventory. As a result, he was able to present the Offering numerous times without it ever disappearing and farm the Queen’s Chest for Dreaming City loot.

Pups pointed out, though, that the items that are dropped from the chest are never powerful gear. However, he stated that this farm method is very useful in completing those Dreaming City weapons or farming for a good roll.

The YouTuber added that some weapons have a chance at dropping at tier five Masterwork that can roll out Masterwork Cores when dismantled.

He made it clear, however, that chances of getting such weapons are quite low. The same thing goes with the Dreaming City Ghost, Sparrow, and ship. Purification Ritual Bounties can also be obtained from the chest, though just like the above-mentioned items, these are also difficult to come by.

Mindbender Shotgun farm

Guardians are also well aware by now about another farming method that allows them to get the Mindbender’s Ambition Legendary Shotgun.

Several YouTubers (KackisHD, xHOUNDISHx, and Ninja Pups) have already covered it as they showed how the trick works.

Per Pups video, players will have to do the Hollowed Lair Nightfall adding that the method is similar to “D1.” Guardians will have to eliminate the Fanatic boss and have everyone from the team blow themselves up using rockets.

This has to timed properly so that the screen fades to black right before the loot pops out of the chest. If done correctly, the loot is scattered all over the floor and the Fanatic is up for another round of beating. Pups added that he was fortunate enough to get four Mindbenders as one of them is a Curated Roll.