Yesterday, all of the eight runes gathered at the center of the map near Dusty Divot. The eight runes surrounded the enormous floating island after it activated each one of them. Some players might've missed the transition, but Kevin the Cube started emitting purple light and made noises similar to the purple lighting that created the purple cube in the first place. Now there's another big change to the map and a new event is also teased by Epic Games for "Fortnite."

Runes deactivated

The runes, while hovering in the air near the floating island, powered the cube with the same streak of lightning that summoned the giant cube in the fifth season.

Now, all of the runes have fallen to the ground in a deactivated state. The house on the levitating island is slowly getting consumed by small purple cubes as well.

After absorbing all the energy from the runes, the giant purple cube is sporting a new purple aura and has started to move again. This time, the island is moving faster than usual and some players have reported that it's headed towards Leaky Lake.

Fortnitemares 2018 teaser

It's highly likely that the unusual activity by the island will reach its culmination right before the next Halloween special event, titled "Fortnitemares." Currently, there isn't much information regarding the upcoming event, but Fortnite has been teasing the latest event with cryptic rhymes on all of their official social media platforms.

The above image teases a new cowboy-zombie like skin and the rhyme indicates that it might be the male counterpart of the Ghoul Trooper. The second image from a recent tweet also teased the upcoming event:

According to Forbes, the "Tombstones quake" in the rhyme teases the return of the Ghoul Trooper skin which was teased by the previous tweet as well.

"Keep your finger steady" and "The circle will close" are general game mechanics which might be the reference to a new game mode in the upcoming event. As for the chained cube, it looks like a traditional cosmetic item, considering that a chain would be attached to a character's back, but it also has the potential of being a new mining tool or a limited-time mode item (similar to the shadow stones).

We'll probably see a couple of more teasers before the official announcement of the event, in fact, a patch is expected on Tuesday or Wednesday, so the new event will definitely roll in the upcoming days, a week before Halloween.