Destiny 2’s” “Forsaken” DLC is doing pretty well, as it has a lot of positive reviews from game critics and players alike. Game developer Bungie even rolled out their future plans for the game including its future expansions. That said, there are fans of the franchise who are already musing about the online-only shooter’s third installment including a timeline as to when it is likely to be released. A known leaker on Reddit recently posted another hint, though this time, it may well seem that he’s hinting at a third “Destiny” game. Devs are also looking into bright dust increases.

Europa hints

Reddit user AnonTheNine recently took to the game’s subreddit to post an image of what other members of the sub believe to one of Jupiter’s Galilean moons – Europa. The post even had the title “Can’t wait,” which clearly indicates that he’s teasing at something. Members of the subreddit were quite confused about it, at first. However, it became clear to them what the post is about when the OP commented this: “D3.” Europa was supposed to be included in the original "Destiny’s" third expansion – “The Taken King.” However, it got scrapped alongside EDZ, as Bungie decided to focus on the Dreadnaught instead. It’s still being mentioned, though, in the game, especially in the Grimoire.

For the uninitiated, Anon was the one who spilled the information about the Thunderlord’s return in “Destiny 2,” claiming that it will be released during Festival of the Lost. His post also hinted at a new horde mode in the upcoming Black Armory. where the more players that survive the yet to be announced game type, the better the loot drops become.

He even went on stating the European Dead Zone (EDZ) will be expanded in future updates.

Anon’s response

Prior to this, another Reddit user from the same subreddit made a post stating that Bungie should have a solid base running version of “D3” by now, given Bungie’s track record for development.

I am guessing at a fall 2020 rollout. Future_foe further explained that this was about the amount of time Bungie had after Luke Smith took over “D2” after they rolled out "The Taken King" DLC. He assumes that “Destiny 2” will be getting another major DLC in fall 2019.

However, it was debunked by Anon, as he commented that “Destiny 3’s” development has just begun with Chris Barrett as game director. He pointed out, though, that Smith still has a big role in the game’s development.