A lot has happened with “Fortnite” after the V5.30 update where it introduced new cosmetics alongside a couple of returning Limited Time Modes. Also, a mysterious moving cube recently appeared on the map hinting at a major event in the third-person shooter’s battle royale mode. There is a feature that was discreetly added by Epic Games that allowed players to thank the bus driver. It may well seem that PewDiePie’s so-called nine-year-old army is too strong for the game maker not to heed their call.

For the uninitiated, the “thank the bus driver” is a meme that infamously skyrocketed when it was featured in PewDiePie’s “Meme Review” (clap 2x) back in June.

Several petitions requesting Epic to add it into the game soon followed, though the developer remained on the idea. However, as soon as update V5.30 went live, “Fortnite” battle royale’s Technical Lead – Pete Nub took to Twitter to officially announce that the meme is now in the game. Someone commented that it was the dumbest thing to be added in the game to which Nub replied that he can go dumber.

How to do it

According to Games Radar, players will just have to press down on the d-pad before jumping off the Battle Bus.

A message will then appear on the screen confirming that the player thanked the bus driver. It doesn’t give any special bonus whatsoever except for the fact that it’s already in the game.

Pewd’s response

PewDiePie, on the other hand, addressed it on his recent upload, stating that their memes finally made an influence. He went on congratulating his 65 million strong nine-year-olds and said that “’Fortnite’ has officially become the best royale game.”

Meanwhile, Epic recently rolled out a State of Development blog post where it detailed the current lowdown of the game.

Part of it announced what they call an Input-Based Matchmaking feature that “will allow for a more even playing field” when playing “Fortnite.”

According to the blog post, the feature is set to go live in an upcoming update in which players will be paired against other opponents who are using the same peripherals (keyboard and mouse vs keyboard and mouse, controller vs controller).

As for custom controls, Epic stated that they working on it to be released later this year and it will give their player base the ability to fully remap their gamepads to fit their play styles. Weapon balances were also discussed. The developer revealed that more improvements will be done to the Pump Shotgun including other shotguns in the game.