About a month ago, Studio Wildcard officially announced a new PvP mode for “ARK: Survival Evolved” dubbed as Conquest. The game type basically focuses on a large-scale PvP while avoiding the complications of the mega tribes. That said, the developer recently provided an update regarding the game mode’s servers as this has something to do with their business partner – Snail Games.

Per the recent post, Wildcard revealed that “ARK’s” Conquest servers will be handed over to their Chinese partner – Snail Games. The turnover will be effective immediately, adding that the developer will have full control of its operations including any future changes that will be made on it.

The post further detailed that Snail Games’ team will also be in charge in the enforcement of the PvP mode’s Code of Conduct and the handling of a global ban list that is also apart from the main official network.

More Conquest servers

Wildcard also revealed that they’ll be rolling out nine more Conquest servers within this week. They pointed out though, that transfers on these soon-to-be-released servers will be disabled and it will have three times the rate for two weeks. The developer further explained that this move will help tribes build up faster for them to be at a competitive level against other tribes within these servers.

TEA and DSG concerns

Survivors who saw Wildcard’s post are not quite happy about the news. Some of them have raised their concerns over the Chinese tribes - TEA and DSG as they are given the impression that these tribes now own Conquest.

Someone from Twitter even made a comment stating that Wildcard basically gave the Chinese hackers their very own official servers. Console players, on the other hand, are asking as to when the developer would roll out new content for them. Others are asking the game maker to fix undermeshing which has been the game’s long-standing issue.

For the uninitiated, “ARK’s” Conquest servers have a max Survivor count of 100 and tribes are set to a 25-player capacity. Activity rates within these servers are doubled as compared to the game’s official servers, not to mention that they are unaffected by Evolution Events. Alliances in Conquest are not allowed, though Wildcard stated that an informal alliance among tribes is okay.

Meanwhile, Last week’s Community Crunch blog post announced that "Extinction Chronicles V" is slated to roll out tomorrow, October 16 and will be released on all platforms. New contents are expected to go live, including a new Tek Dino on all ARKs.