Studio Wildcard has posted its latest Community Crunch blog post and it detailed what players should expect in the fifth installment of their "Extinction Chronicles." The post also revealed the new Tek dino that will be added in the roster of Tek creatures that were introduced in previous Chronicles.

The game developer introduced the Tek Quetzal, alongside the Corrupted Gloves, and three new Explorer Notes for this edition of the Chronicles. Survivors can also expect some screenshots from the upcoming "Extinction" expansion that will also be rolled out on October 16.

Tek Quetz

Per the patch notes, the Tek Quetz will have a 20 percent higher base level and has a five percent chance to spawn. It also has a new breeding line. It was also stated that the new update will be increasing players’ maximum level by one. As mentioned, three new Explorer Notes will be included in the patch that would eventually unlock a new gear – the Corrupted Gloves. A new color set was also added in the notes. That said, players can expect to see creatures donning shades of black, red, green, purple, and white starting October 16 until "Extinction" is officially rolled out. Some Survivors noticed that these colors were already released on previous Chronicles. Others even suggested that Wildcard should have released Halloween-themed color sets since it’s just weeks away.

Mesh fix included

Wildcard also chipped in some tweaks and fixes on some of the issues within “ARK.” One of the changes includes an increased damage range for both players and dinos, on the surface of Aberration.

They also made improvements for better handling for low fps server dino attacking and for the game’s API for server structure cleanup. The developers also issued two fixes involving the failure to clean up structure placers and the one regarding climbing pick meshing.

Meanwhile, the developer also made an update regarding “ARK’s” Conquest servers on PC.

They stated that they’ll be turning over the management of these servers to partner, Snail Games. The recent post further explained that the China-based developer’s team is now responsible for the implementation of the Code of Conduct, including the handling of a so-called “unique global ban list” that is separate from the official network. Wildcard also revealed that they’ll be adding nine more servers for Conquest within this week. However, they stated that transfers on these new servers will be disabled for two weeks, though its rates will be tripled during that time.