"Fortnite" fans were quite irked when the much-awaited Playground Limited Time Mode was removed from the game due to some matchmaking issues. Since LTMs are a thing in the third-person shooter's Battle Royale mode, members of its massive player base chipped in their own take of such features in the hope that Epic Games would put their ideas in the game.

One of the most popular LTM suggestions that were recently posted over on the FortniteBR subreddit, was this game mode simply dubbed as Moonlight. Per its OP, u/FLcitizen, the LTM idea will only have night time during the entirety of the match.

Players would be taking advantage of scoped weapons, as the Redditor suggests that it would all be thermal. Headlamps would also be available for obvious reasons, adding that some areas of the map would be completely dark. The storm would also be a challenge on this one, as players wouldn't be able to see whenever they're inside of it. Headlamps would also not work, though players could still see their whereabouts using the map.

Other LTM ideas

Assassin is another LTM suggestion by u/hhreplica1013, where players would be assigned a target that would be visibly marked on the map during the match. In the event that the assassin was able to eliminate his target, that player would then take on the fallen player's target.

They could only deal damage to their targets and to their respective assassins.

Next on the list is a game mode known as Nuzlocke, by Redditor u/cherryredcherrybomb. Per the mechanics, once a player picks up an item, they cannot drop it for the entire duration of the match.

However, consumables and throwable weapons would still free up the inventory whenever these are used. That said, players have to manage their inventory, as the LTM also requires some sound decision making on what weapons to carry early on.

U/The_B-brother's LTM suggestion, known as Gungame, would initially have players picking up weapons with the lowest rarity.

These weapons could go one rarity higher, provided that players eliminate their opponents.

Skin and weapon concepts

Several interesting outfit/skin and weapon concepts were also spotted on the above-mentioned subreddit. For the uninitiated, a few of the recently leaked skins – the Sleuth and Noir – came from a fan suggestion that was submitted by u/Wylp about a month ago. Dubbed by the Redditor as the Dusty Detective, the outfit even came with a pickaxe, which has a striking similarity to another upcoming item known as the Magnifying Axe.

It could also be observed in the image that the character is holding two silenced pistols, which might be the inspiration of the new Dual Pistols that currently melts in the game.

ICYMI: The rocket has been launched

At the time of writing, the rocket has been launched.

Fortnite Insider (@Fortnite_BR) has clipped the event as it showed the rocket's failed launch, causing a massive crack in the sky. A Time travel theory may have just been confirmed, folks.