"Fortnite Battle Royale" season 6 is going to enter its fifth week on Thursday, October 25. Epic Games will release another set of weekly challenges which will allow players to level up their Battle Pass and earn exclusive cosmetic items. In week 5, "Fortnite" players will have to practice their driving skills as two challenges will require them to use one of the in-game vehicles.

There will be seven challenges separated into two categories. Battle Pass owners will get access to all of these challenges, while free players will be able to complete three of them.

Furthermore, there will be a 5,000 Season XP reward for completing four challenges in the set, and completing all of them will unlock a special loading screen.

Free season 6, week 5 challenges

"Fortnite Battle Royale" players who don't own a season 6 Battle Pass will be able to access the vehicles challenges. The first task will require them to achieve a speed of 25 or more in front of different radar signs. Players will have to do this five times to successfully complete the task. Furthermore, the flaming hoops will return for the next week. Once again, players will have to use a vehicle and jump through five of them to get five battle stars.

Finally, the last challenge in this category will be about tactical shotguns.

The requirement for completing this challenge will be dealing 200 damage to opponents with this weapon, and players will get 10 battle stars after doing this. Considering that these shotguns deal a lot of damage, this shouldn't be hard.

Battle pass challenges

In week 5, players will be required to eliminate an opponent from five meters or closer.

This is the opposite of the 50-meter challenge that was released earlier in the season. Even though it may sound difficult, this task can be easily completed by finishing an enemy off with a pickaxe. "Fortnite" players will also have to deal damage with submachine guns in week 5. This time, the requirement will be 500 damage.

Additionally, standard pistols and a minigun will have to be used by players in the upcoming week. The last two challenges will require two minigun eliminations and 200 damage with standard pistols.

Fortunately, as long as Disco Domination limited-time mode is active, players will be able to easily complete these challenges. Thanks to the respawn feature, players can deal massive damage to their enemies and complete multiple challenges in one match.