A new Community Crunch blog post has just been released as Studio Wildcard teased a new Extinction creature that slated to be introduced today. As promised in previous blogs, the latest Crunch post also included another installment of their ARK Digest where the devs answer some of the community’s questions about “ARK: Survival Evolved.” Wildcard’s Lead Programmer Chris Willoughby sat on the hot seat once again for another round of this “ARK” Q and A session as he detailed some new intel about the upcoming “Extinction” expansion.

No large bodies of water, but...

The session kicked off with a question from a Survivor asking as to whether “Extinction” map would include an ocean or a huge body of water for the game’s aquatic creatures. Unfortunately, Willoughby replied that it will not have any of those as he further explained that Earth went through some changes and one of them being almost all the water on the planet had dried up. He stated, however, that they’ve created Extinction creatures “with water in mind” and went on hinting that there will be some surprises waiting whenever players take these animals to other maps.

Improvements with the quality of tame cap issues on PvE were also tackled. Per the lead programmer, he believes that Cryopods could be a workaround for such concern.

Willoughby added that if a creature is inside of this upcoming item, it does not count against the tame cap of the server. For the uninitiated, the Cryopod allows Survivors to freeze their tames in an ice cube state and can be carried around within the Survivor’s inventory, not to mention that it’s an easier method in transporting such creatures.

Willoughby also revealed that there will be a number of creatures that are making a comeback in the upcoming DLC adding that these can still be located in their own natural habitats. He added that there are also creatures that got corrupted by the Element resulting on them not behaving as they should. The lead went on stating that these infected creatures will hunt for more Elements to consume and would wreck everything in their path just to get those.

Titans in PvE

As for the Titans, Willoughby stated that these are powerful creatures and can easily take down dinos adding that they are best suited for meat runs and area cleanup once they are tamed. They are also hoping that these creatures would usher in a new kind of PvE encounter in “ARK” with in-world boss fights and new mechanics that are “interesting in themselves.” Someone also asked about the game’s Defense Units if these rolling robots can either be befriended or craftable in “Extinction” to which the lead responded that they’re not just like the Scout or Enforcer.