Talks about a third “Destiny” game have been creeping out from time to time with the most recent being Reddit user u/AnonTheNine’s cryptic post hinting at Jupiter’s moon – Europa.

The Redditor is at it again as he made some interesting responses to a couple of posts over on the Destiny subreddit. Also, another member of the same sub has recently shared his audio tool that allowed other fans of the game franchise to data mine new sound files from the game specifically the ones involving Amanda Holliday.

U/AntimatterAccord recently made a post (got removed at the time of writing) over on the game’s subreddit about Bungie being “allergic to numbers” as players have been requesting for the developer to incorporate numbers in the game.

That said, Anon responded to one of the comments stating that such feature will soon come in the game, though, not in the near future. He went on telling other members of the subreddit to have faith in the game developer adding that “Destiny 2” was “an experience they’ll never forget.

To go balls out

In another comment, he replied that the vanilla version of “D2” was Bungie’s idea from the get-go. Anon further explained that the so-called “reboot” didn’t change that as the game was made to be for casuals. He also stated that if “Destiny 3” will really have the idea Bungie wants to apply, a lot from its player base who play for hours will be leaving the game. He capped it off stating that the developer will be going “balls out” with the RPG stuff.

Darker than Forsaken

Anon also made a response on a separate post suggesting that “D2” should have a Year 3 instead of having a third installment of the game. He replied that the next “Destiny” game will be even more “hardcore-y" than what “Forsaken” has showcased. As above-mentioned, the Redditor recently made a post showing an image of the moon Europa hinting that it will be a part of the next “Destiny” game.

Another Reddit user - u/Ginsor recently shared the Audio tool he’s using in data mining those “Destiny 2” content.

Some members of the sub have already downloaded the software and managed to extract new audio files alongside some recently leaked ones, specifically Amanda Holliday voice lines. U/GimmeFuel21 was able to data mine numerous audio files of the NPC Vendor as some of them talks about the Cosmodrome and Master Ives. He even uploaded these files over on YouTube as he gathered six minutes' worth of audio using Ginsor’s tool.