The latest updates for "Devil May Cry 5" reveal three new weapons for Dante in the game. Capcom presented a gameplay video of the sequel during their panel at New York Comic-Con and it featured Dante showing off his weapon skills and new arsenals.

Capcom also announced the special DLC items in "DMC5's" Deluxe Edition. The sequel will feature Nero, Dante, and the rest of the demon hunting crew traveling to Red Grave City to stop Urizen and his army of demons. Nero has a score to settle with Urizen after chopping off his "Devil Bringer" arm.

Nico helped him out by replacing his severed arm with a robotic prosthetic called "Devil Breaker."

Dante's new Devil Arms

According to GameSpot, Capcom showcased the new "Devil May Cry 5" during their NYCC 2018 panel and it shows the game's training mode wherein players can practice their combo moves and be creative on how to dish out the pain against demons.

The video also introduced three new weapons in Dante's arsenal. Players were previously introduced to the Balrog and the Cavaliere at the Tokyo Game Show 2018. The first weapon is the Cerberus, a demonic nunchuck first introduced in "Devil May Cry 3" but it's now upgraded to have two additional forms. The standard form can execute Ice attacks, while its second form transforms into a bo staff with fire attacks.

The final form is a sansetsukon with lightning-based attacks.

Dante is also equipped with the Sparda sword named after his legendary demon father. Sparda's gameplay is similar to the Rebellion, but it can transform into a scythe and can be thrown back and forth like a boomerang. The weapon is mainly used by Trish but Dante will have the opportunity to use it full-time during the events of the story.

The last weapon is called Faust, a cowboy hat with mystical and demonic magic attacks. Players can use Red Orbs to replenish it like mana and it has a risk and reward system.

Items in the Deluxe Edition

According to True Achievements, Capcom announced the DLC items available in "DMC5's" Deluxe Edition and they revealed that Nero will have four additional Devil Breaker arms.

First is the Mega Buster arm based on the Mega Man video game as it fires pulse blast and Nero can charge it up for maximum damage effect. Next is the Gerbera GP-01, a modified version of the standard Gerbera and it has one additional move called "Jocky" that launches enemies upward or slams them onto the ground.

The Pasta Breaker is an arm developed by Nico using kitchen utensils. It was never made for combat and has little attack damage. However, it is the only weapon in Nero's arsenal that can cycle to the next arm when used.

Lastly, the Sweet Surrender allows Nero to heal from damage in a short time or bring himself back to full health when he activates the "Break Age" ability.

In addition, the Deluxe Edition also has a variant of Dante's Cavaliere called Cavaliere Type-R with a new ability that will knock him off his bike.

"DMC5" will launch on March 8, 2019, for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.