"Devil May Cry 5" spoilers reveal the actual appearance of the new playable character, V, and the main antagonist of the game. YouTube user ReZoura streamed a gameplay video containing the sequel's opening scene and a boss battle.

Capcom also announced new gameplay details and features for "DMC5" during their panel session at this year's PAX West event. The sequel made its debut at the Electronic Entertainment Expo and it featured the return of demon hunters, Nero and Dante, as they join V and Nico in stopping a demonic invasion in Red Grave City.

Nero is also hunting down the person responsible from ripping-off his Devil Bringer arm.

Urizen revealed in 'Devil May Cry 5'

ReZoura's "Devil May Cry 5" gameplay video starts with Nico helping Nero fix his new van inside his garage when a black-cloaked figure shows up outside his door. Nero's Devil Bringer arm starts to glow, warning him that the cloaked person is a demon. He then prepares to fight him, but he got outmaneuvered and was tossed to the wall. Nero finds out that his arm was cut-off by the cloaked person, and used it to summon the Yamato sword to create a portal. The cloaked person hinted that he needed Yamato's power to survive as he grows weaker by the second.

The next scene shows a new boss battle with the cloaked person in his true demon form.

Nero learns that his enemy's name is Urizen, a powerful demon lord from the underworld and responsible for unleashing the demons in Red Grave City. Nero steps in to rescue Dante from him but was overpowered. Dante then transforms into his Devil Trigger form to distract Urizen long enough for V to get Nero out of the way.

Angry that Dante called him a "dead weight," Nero stubbornly tries to join the fight but V was able to convince him to retreat and fight another day.

Dante loses the battle as his Rebellion sword was destroyed in the process.

More Devil Breakers and Gallery Mode

According to VG 24/7, Capcom revealed more details about the "Devil Breakers" during their panel at the PAX West event. Nero's robot arm was first showcased at the Gamescom demo and each arm has its own unique ability in battle.

There are seven arms for Nero to choose from: Overture, Helter Skelter, Punch Line, Gerbera, Ragtime, Rawhide, and Tomboy.

Overture will be Nero's default arm, while Gerbera can unleash a huge energy blast. The Punch Line can fire his arm like a rocket and ride it like a skateboard, while the Tomboy powers up the Blue Rose to create a powerful and uncontrolable blasts. The Ragtime freezes time within the area, Helter Skelter drills his enemies to death, and Rawhide transforms his arm into a whip for both long and mid range attacks.

Dualshockers reported that the sequel will also have a Gallery Mode for players to view different materials like character and stage artworks, CGI designs, weapon and enemy informations, and more. "DMC5" launches on March 9, 2019, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC.