After several major slip-ups in the past, Bungie is winning its “Destiny 2” player base back with the release of the “Forsaken” expansion. The developer is also keeping the grind alive as they’ve promised to add more content to the DLC’s changing play area. While they’re devising ways to improve the online-only shooter, it was discovered that the game maker has been working on a project outside of “Destiny” and they recently filed a trademark application for it.

Eurogamer noticed Bungie recently submitted a trademark application for a yet to be disclosed intellectual property simply dubbed as “Matter.” Per the gaming website, it was filed on Friday, September 28 to the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

The project fell under categories 9 and 41, describing the project as “computer game software downloadable from a global computer network” and entertainment services. Additional details about this IP is still classified except for the fact that Bungie also submitted what could be the project’s logo.

Players who saw it are having mixed opinions about this top-secret project of the game developer. While a lot of them are excited and musing about it, there are some who have doubts about this project. Others even tweeted out stating that game publisher Activision should stay away from this.

The team up

Bungie announced back in June that they’ve teamed up with Beijing based game publisher NetEase, and the company chipped in over 100 million dollars' worth of investment in exchange for a seat on Bungie’s board of directors and a minority stake in the company.

For the uninitiated, NetEase is the one who operates games such as “Overwatch,” “World of Warcraft,” and “StarCraft 2” in China. The game developer even released an official statement back then, stating that they’ve partnered with the Chinese company to help them explore new directions. They added that the game publisher’s expertise will empower them to build new worlds and invite players to join them.

No impact

As for their “Destiny” franchise, Bungie also stated that there will be no impact on the “hobby players have come to know.” They even assured fans that the “Destiny” experience will grow for many years to come and went on, saying that their partnership with Activision will continue.

Regarding Bungie’s recent IP application, it is not yet certain if this has something to do with the NetEase team-up. It is expected, though, that the developer will be disclosing new information about this new endeavor whenever it arises.