Masterwork Cores have grown to become rarities after “Destiny 2’s” “Forsaken” DLC went live. Players were, at the same time, irked with its current economy as they’ve already expressed their frustrations to Bungie. The game developer finally acknowledged it in their recent This Week at Bungie blog post and they revealed some of the changes that they’re planning to do.

Per the latest TWAB, Bungie’s Investment Team addressed the issue about Masterwork Cores stating that their original goal is to make both infusing and masterworking a meaningful choice, adding that these two should not be mutually exclusive.

However, it looks like these goals didn’t go the way they intended. That said, the team plans on creating more reliable Core sources and they went on, stating that they are also planning on renaming the rare item.

A suggestion regarding Masterwork Cores

In line with this, u/Jofamo from the Destiny subreddit pitched in an idea that once a gear has been level 10 masterworked, cores should then be removed from the infusion. Community Manager Cozmo (@Cozmo23) took notice of the suggestion, as he responded that he’ll relay the suggestion to the dev team.

Another Redditor - u/BurningGamerSpirit - also pointed out that “Destiny 2’s” current mod economy is a bit harsh. He further explained that these items are pretty hard to come by and a bit of tweaking should do the trick. Cozmo also responded to this as this too will be passed along.

On Hand cannon recoil

The community manager also responded to another Reddit post regarding hand cannons being bugged and Bungie is not being transparent to its' player base.

He stated that there’s no cloak and dagger stuff going on, adding that there are instances where patch notes are not being sent to them. Cozmo further explained that they’ve already checked with the recoil issue using both the pre-patch and the post 2.0 builds and assured the community that there are no recoil changes. However, the clips of gameplay that were sent out by other Redditors showed otherwise as Cozmo took note of it and sent them to the dev team.

The Wish Ender damage bug

Meanwhile, Bungie’s Senior Sandbox Designer Greg C Peng (@gregcpeng) confirmed that the popular Exotic bow – the Wish Ender - is bugged. He stated that the damage bug on this weapon is pretty much evident against fast-moving enemies, adding that the intended damage can only be noticed on stationary opponents. He assured players, though, that they are devising a fix on this issue.