The grind continues in “Destiny 2’s” “Forsaken” as Guardians stumble upon some new stuff in the games darkest expansion yet. However, there are others who are pretty much irked as of late due to some bugs that are ruining their gameplay.

U/SavingRyansPrvt from the Destiny subreddit made a lengthy post explaining a bug that he and his team have been experiencing while trying to beat Riven in the Last Wish raid. Per the Redditor, he stated that every time they bring its life down to 10 percent for her Last Stand, he claims that Riven’s animation gets somewhat “lifeless.” He further explained that the boss was supposed to be dying at that point, though they noticed that there were neither Taken energy explosions nor Blights on her mouth to shoot at.

The worst part is that whenever they try to jump into Riven’s mouth to destroy her heart, they claim that there’s some sort of invisible barrier that doesn’t allow them to pass through.

Cozmo’s response

The post gained quite a lot of traction as other members of the community pitched in some workarounds that might help the Redditor and his team. The OP even posted a short clip showing the game-breaking bug including some suggestions from fellow players that they plan on performing in their next encounter.

That said, Community Manager Cozmo (@Cozmo23) took notice of it and he confirmed the bug, adding that it is now being tracked. He also responded to another Reddit post a few days ago about the Malfeasance boss’ spawn rate.

He replied that the boss will continue to spawn even after the reset, though he pointed out that it’s more likely to appear during the full curse weeks. Cozmo went on, stating that the team has already been made aware of the feedback about the boss' spawn rate.

The Scavenger, the Sleeper, and the Ender

Another Redditor on the same subreddit also expressed his concerns with the Fusion Rifle Scavenger, stating that the weapon is not working on both PvE and PvP. Just like the Riven bug, Cozmo addressed the issue and it is now being looked into.

Gameplay Design Lead - Josh Hamrick (@Josh_Hamrick), on the other hand, recently took to Twitter to clarify that changes with the Sleeper Simulant are not yet live. This came after a player tweeted out his concerns about the weapon as he was given the impression that linear fusion rifle was already nerfed. In line with this, Design Lead Lars Bakken (@lars_bakken) also tweeted out that they’ve already addressed the issue surrounding the Wish Ender Exotic Bow, adding that they are looking at its second damage bump not “proc-ing.”