Gamers are well-acquainted by now with Sony’s recent announcement of cross-platform play in Epic Games’ “Fortnite.” That said, both game developers and publishers have thrown in their two cents about this momentous move by the Japanese conglomerate. One of these companies is Activision Blizzard and they recently spoke with IGN about the possibility of cross play in games like “Overwatch,” “Call of Duty,” and “Destiny 2.”

Per Activision, they stated that they’ve witnessed how compelling crossplay can be for the gaming community as they’ve already experienced it with the collectible card video game of “Hearthstone.” The publisher pointed out though, that a lot of work has yet to be done on their end and on the platform side for them to have a grasp on whether crossplay is doable in their other titles.

They went, on stating that they’ll be checking on upcoming tests and from there, evaluate how this feature would impact both their games and players.

Some Primeval Slayer clarifications

Meanwhile, Bungie’s Gambit Design Team recently made some clarification on the hybrid game mode’s Primeval Slayer buff. They further explained that not all Guardians know the intricacies on how the buff works and they wanted to clear up these misconceptions:

  • Their goal for the Primeval phase is that the first team to summon this powerful Taken will gain the upper hand.
  • The number of Primeval Slayer stacks held is distinct to each team.
  • If one team is way ahead of these stacks, the other team that lags behind will be getting the so-called bonus stacks when spawning their own Primeval. These bonus stacks will be less though as compared to the opposing team’s current total. The devs even described it as “a tow cable trailing behind the leading team.”
  • Lastly, the Gambit Team also pointed out that this tow cable mechanic has its own limits. They stated that if the leading team is at Primeval Slayer x10, the other group will never begin with more than a few stacks when spawning their own Primeval.

On Titan Skating

Twitch streamers Summit1g (@summit1g) and King Gothalion (@Gothalion), on the other hand, have recently expressed their concerns about the infamous Titan Skating in “Destiny 2.” The former even described over on Twitter how he got wrecked by Guardians using the Titan’s ability, adding that such an experience was no fun.

The latter added that it should be either reworked or removed from the game. Bungie’s Senior Multiplayer Designer – Kevin Yanes (@Tocom11) – responded that they are aware of it and are having talks about it, adding that it comes down to where it falls in priorities.