Game developer Bungie may well seem to have kept their end of the bargain as they promised to roll out new content for “Destiny 2.” The game’s “Forsaken” expansion has a lot of stuff to grind for and some Guardians admitted that they can’t keep up (they are liking it though). Alongside the new stuff that just went live, players are also stumbling upon new glitches and cheeses that help them finish certain encounters with ease.

YouTuber and “Destiny 2” player, Ninja Pups was just one of the players who discovered a glitch that allowed him and his teammate to obtain powerful gear inside The Shattered Throne.

He recently uploaded a video showing how the trick can be replicated.

It’s pretty simple

According to Pups, players need not have high light levels for this exploit, adding that it does not require any specific Guardian class. He also stated that the glitch is so easy that it can be done by two players. All they have to do is load up The Shattered Throne mission, perform the steps correctly, and wait for the powerful gear to drop.

Once the mission is loaded, players need to walk close to the first encounter until the adds appear. As soon as these adds pop up, have one member of the team eliminate himself by falling off the ledge. They then have to pull up their settings menu and click on the change character option.

This will prompt the confirm screen to appear, though the player need not press anything just yet. The player who performs the glitch will be jumping off the ledge, as well as both players, counting down to the timer allowed (per the YouTuber, the best way is to count down aloud “three, two, one, go”). On go, the teammate on the confirmation screen will have to press “confirm.” The player on the confirm screen will have to leave the game just before the wipe screen appears.

The glitch was done correctly if there are no adds on site and the powerful gear from this encounter will be there. Otherwise, the adds will still be there.

He pointed out, though, in the description that upon further testing, the glitch doesn’t seem to work during the final encounter. Pups went on, stating that the exploit can only be done during the Symbol Maze and Ogre Boss encounters.

Other glitches observed

Another YouTuber – Rifle Gaming – also covered the glitch. In his video, there are some additional glitches that were observed after successfully performing the exploit. It can be observed in the video that two of his teammates’ weapons are somewhat invisible, not to mention that they are claiming that their Guardians are dancing on their end.