With only a few days remaining before the Fortnitemares Halloween event is over, Epic Games is preparing to bring awesome new content to "Fortnite" for the second half of season 6. This time, it's a new item called "Balloons." Although we already knew that this new item existed in the game, thanks to data miners, but the mechanics of balloons were not known until now.

The Balloons

Today, "Fortnite's" in-game news gave us the first look at the balloons along with the following description: “Inflate balloons to defy gravity! Add balloons to increase your altitude!”

At this point, more control over your character's mobility in "Fortnite" gives you an edge while playing competitively and gets you out of tight situations as well, and Epic Games isn't backing out from adding more and more mobility items and terrains i.e.

Rift-To-Go, Grappler, Shadow Stones, Launch Pads in Corrupted areas etc. As the description hints, the balloons are also mobility items, but we still don't know if they are stacked consumable items like the Grappler or one-time use item like the Shadow Stones.

It's also possible that the balloons will let players float in the air until they are burst by enemy fire, potentially inflicting fall damage to the players, although, with the new glider re-deploy feature, fall damage isn't of much concern anymore.

Patch 6.30

The new patch is going to be released in the next couple of days, although there is no official news about the server downtime. The new balloons item is also expected to be added during the next update, but a recent post on "Fortnite's" official social media accounts suggest that the next update will mostly consist of removing bugs that players have encountered during the game.

There was also some issue with the Zoey outfit, which was disabled because it failed to render during the game, thus making players invisible and giving them an unfair advantage.

New gifting feature

The next update might also release a new gifting feature which will let players gift in-game items like skins, gliders, back blings etc, but there's no word about this new feature from Epic Games. This new feature was found by a data miner called Jaren and there are four kinds of gift boxes.

The new leaks show that there are four styles of boxes with different rarity.

Some players thought that the images were from "Fortnite's" Save The World mode, but a closer look at the image shows that it's the Fortnitemares menu in the background, so we can definitely expect this new feature in the next update.