Focus Home Interactive's video game, "Vampyr" has been a runaway success on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In fact, it seems the game was so successful that the publisher has announced a port for the Nintendo Switch in its effort to reach a wider audience.

Gorge on the sales

The announcement was made during Focus Home Interactive's earnings report. It was revealed, within the report, that "Vampyr" had a successful launch on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC with sales topping the charts in France, Germany, the UK, and in many other countries. The sales of the video game combined with other recent releases from the developer DontNod Entertainment allowed the publisher to rake in a huge profit during the second quarter of 2018.

The earnings are estimated to be record revenues of €44.3m ($50.6m)."

The earnings have boosted the publisher's confidence in the development studio enough to foster the desire to capitalize on a wider audience. Therefore, DontNod is currently hard at work at porting the video game over to the Nintendo Switch. Although no information was revealed on when Switch owners can expect the port to arrive on their system, it is highly likely that the title could be aiming for a 2019 release window.

What is this Vampyr

"Vampyr" is a horror-themed, action-role-playing video game launched in June. Set in the middle of early 20th century London, the player takes on the role of Dr. Jonathan Reid who is out to rid the city of a dangerous outbreak.

The character of Dr. Reid lives two lives whereas by day, he is trying to save lives but by night, he is also a vampire who must take them in order to survive.

The video game features a combat system that employs supernatural abilities Dr. Reid has obtained as a vampire. These abilities can be upgraded as part of the typical RPG progression system, though combat is mostly optional and can be avoided in "Vampyr." The player also has to choose between becoming a savior to society or an enemy as part of a dynamic narrative mechanic.

What critics thought of it

Despite its considerable success on the market, "Vampyr" wasn't critically acclaimed whereas it accumulated average review scores from many critics. Metacritic, a website best known for tallying video game review scores had placed Vampyr overall score at 70/100, based on 67 critics. Among the critics who's scores were being aggregated for the title were those who worked for famous media groups including IGN, Gamespot, Game Informer, and Destructoid just to name a few.