Both Festival of the Lost and Iron Banner will be returning in “Destiny 2” alongside some game tweaks that are bound to go live next week. The game developer also addressed several pressing issues, in the online-only shooter, with the most recent being the newly discovered bug within the curated variant of the hand cannon Warden’s Law. They are also taking into consideration some suggestions that were pitched by their player base.

Bungie’s Cozmo has snooped the Destiny subreddit, yet again, to respond to some of the community’s concerns. One of them is a post from Reddit user u/JesTeR1862 as he suggested to make the curated roll weapons available from Collections once they are obtained.

To be passed along

The community manager revealed that they’ve been getting a lot of suggestions about the best way to handle random rolls in Collections. He went on stating that the latest patch will be passed along to the dev team and even encouraged the players to chip in more ideas.

Another Redditor from the same thread also brought to light an issue where he claims that his teammate is not getting any Seed of Light. Cozmo responded that the bug is now being tracked as they are working on issuing a fix.

UI ideas for comp PvP

Cozmo also took notice of another post on the same subreddit as it pitched several UI suggestions for competitive PvP.

Per u/snibbon, the ideas came about after playing with other Guardians who won’t communicate thinking that there could be ways to help people help themselves. He further explained that he made the UI pitches with the idea that these game modes fill different roles:

  • PvP Quickplay – Run ‘n’ gun, shoot and have fun. Players may use whatever weapons they believe is effective for them. The OP even sees it as players’ “everyday fun.”
  • Trials of the Nine – Team gathering will take place prior to the match adding that there will be no matchmaking on this one. That said, there is the possibility to sync loadouts and strats.
  • PvP Competitive – OP suggests that this should be a more competitive playlist, though it offers the same gameplay experience as quickplay in terms of how players end up in a match.

The Redditor even provided some images of these suggestions for other players to have a clearer picture of what he’s talking about.

He pointed out, though, that he just worked off these so-called “before match” images that he could find to best explain the above-mentioned. Cozmo, on the other hand, stated that this will be relayed to the team.