Bungie rolled out another installment of their This Week at Bungie blog post and it tackled some of the issues and players’ concerns about “Destiny 2.” The developer also addressed other issues in the online-only shooter that were brought to light by their player base on their social media channels.

Reddit user u/Plynko recently made a lengthy post about the Exotic Sniper RifleWhisper of the Worm. The OP claims that albeit the fact that it got a significant buff, the weapon also received a bigger nerf in the process.

Per the Redditor, the sniper rifle’s Whispered Breathing perk now has an increased bonus damage.

However, the weapon’s base precision damage has been nerfed way more. He even provided test clips to prove his point.

Dmg clarifying some stuff

The post got much attention among members of the sub and someone even commented that Bungie has been trying to slip stuff by all the time. Community Manager Dmg took notice of it and made some clarifications about these recent changes.

Dmg responded that they do not slip in changes without notifying the community, adding that they don’t look to spin intentional changes as bugs. He even posted a statement coming from the Sandbox team regarding the issue.

The team stated that weapon tuning in “Destiny 2” is “inexorably” connected to the systems that they built upon.

They further explained that their main objective is to provide gameplay challenge albeit the increase in players’ damage output due to the newly introduced system.

In line with this, someone asked over on Twitter about the Whisper not working with the Warlock’s Well of Radiance. Dmg tweeted out that it’s already a known issue adding that it will be properly addressed in upcoming patch notes within this month.

Quitter penalties and Power Ammo Crates

Meanwhile, Bungie announced on their latest TWAB blog post that they’ll be re-enabling quitter penalties for the Gambit playlist.

This came after they officially release a tweak that they’ve been working on for the hybrid game mode’s matchmaking that will help with the extended load times that have irked some players. They also pointed out that they’ll be increasing the allowable number of matches players can leave before they get barred from the playlist.

Changes within “D2’s” Power Ammo Crates were also detailed in the recent post. It stated that the Ammo Crate will only be granting the Sleeper Simulant a couple of shots from its original four shots. Swords, on the other hand, will be getting 12 Sword ammo from the previous six.