"Fortnite" will get a new Support a Creator Event and applications are now open, according to the Epic Games "Fortnite" blog. It's a way to give back to the people who help to boost the increasing interest in the game. It also means that followers of the creators and the creators themselves have yet another interactive idea introduced by Epic.

Fortnite announcement made on twitter

The announcement that was made on Twitter by the official Fortnite account noted that creators will be able to earn real money through their different supporters. That happens when the players spend V-Bucks.

The applications are already open on a page called "Epic Creator" on the Epic Games Affiliate page. For supporters, they should note that the event rolls out after "next week's Fortnite update through December 31."

How to support your Fortnite creator

Fans of "Fortnite" can easily support their favorite creator through Save the World, or battle Royal Modes. In Save the World, they can access it via the Loot tab. That will then bring up the Support a Creator option. You will need to know the Epic tag of the creator you want to support. In a box, you enter that tag.

What this means, is that the creator gets value when you use up your free V-Bucks, or any other V-Bucks you spend in the game. Even better, the blog notes that you can even switch who you want to support at any time while the event lasts.

For those who prefer the Battle Royale mode, the same applies, except that you need to access it via the Item shop.

Qualifying creators can apply

Epic has rolled out the event to give back to those people who support them with "Fortnite" across a range of areas. The applicants needn't just be streamers. The invitation to apply is open to all creators, from artists to video-makers.

According to Epic Blog, "Creators are video makers, streamers, storytellers, artists, cosplayers, musicians, and community builders." Applicants just need to sign in with their account on the application page, which has a big tab at the top. Then, they will have to explain in a dialogue box what they do and mention the different channels, social media accounts etc.

After accepting terms and conditions, they can then create and share. They will get to earn totally real money via the supporters' V-Bucks.

Watch out for the next Fortnite update

"Fortnite" Followers and supporters need to watch out for the next update to make their support work. For those who wish to apply as creators, they can follow the links in the Tweet above this paragraph. It looks like the new Support a Creator Event is going to be yet another hot favorite by Epic Games fans.