Game developer Studio Wildcard has just rolled out the latest installment of their Community Crunch blog post where they announced a new server cluster known as Conquest. The developer also rolled out their Q and A session segment - ARK Digest and they answered some questions coming from the “ARK: Survival Evolved” community.

Wildcard’s Lead Programmer Chris Willoughby took charge of responding to Survivors’ questions about “ARK,” including its upcoming “Extinction” DLC. The developer added that they plan on doing this Q and A session once a month.

Titan taming in Extinction

The session kicked off with a question from a player asking if the Titans of the land will be a temporary tame or can they be kept permanently within the players’ collection? Willoughby replied that it will be the former, adding that it will be similar to the Titanos. He further explained that there can only be one of each type on a map at any given time. Willoughby also pointed out that these creatures will be a permanent tame on single player mode, though players have to sacrifice it if they have to summon another Titan.

Willoughby also responded to an inquiry regarding recipes. He revealed that there will be new recipes alongside some previous ones. He added that they will also be reworking some existing things to change up its meta.

A question regarding “ARK’s” scouts was also brought up. The lead replied that these flying drones can tag both dinosaurs and allies, adding that this will give Survivors an even more comprehensive view of the dinos in the area.

Transfer system

Now that the next DLC is just weeks from being released, a player also asked whether “Extinction” will have the same system of transferring data just like “Aberration.” The lead programmer revealed that “Extinction’s” transfer system will likely be similar to “Aberration,” though they haven’t finalized it yet.

Willoughby also pointed out that they plan on having limited transfer in the upcoming expansion to start.

Conquest servers

In line with this, Wildcard also revealed in the blog post that they will be rolling out a new type of server for PvP dubbed Conquest.

Per the latest Community Crunch, these servers will be catering those massive fights in PvP as it will be accommodating those bigger tribes (25-player limit per tribe) in the game. Conquest servers will also have a 100-player cap instead of 70 players and server transfers will be available between servers within the cluster.

Conquest servers will be rolled out for “ARK” players on PC on September 28. They’ll then monitor these new servers and evaluate before bringing it to console players at a later date.