The latest updates for the PS4 exclusive "Spider-Man" video game reveal new details about its post-launch plans and a future sequel. Game director Bryan Intihar teased the possibility of seeing Peter Parker in his classic Black suit and fighting his arch-nemesis, Venom.

Insomniac Games also announced that they will continue to work on new content to keep the Marvel and video game fans engaged in the game. "Spider-Man" features a massive open-world New York city and Peter must defend the city against a new threat, Martin Li (Mister Negative) and the Demons.

He will also encounter old enemies and avoid a manhunt from the city's mayor, Norman Osborn.

Venom and the Black suit Spidey for the sequel

According to Comic, Bryan Intihar told Kinda Funny Games in last week's interview that they are planning to add Spidey's iconic Black Suit in the "Spider-Man" PS4 sequel.

“I think something like that suit (Symbiote suit) deserves its day in the spotlight," Intihar said. "I think just making it an unlockable suit wouldn't be doing it justice. It's one of the best stories for Spider-Man."

There are 28 Spidey suits that players will unlock as they progress into the game's story and the majority of them came from the comics such as 2099, Scarlet Spider, Big Time, Noir, and more.

Fans noticed that the Black suit was not included and they asked Insomniac Games about it ever since.

Intihar explained that the reason why it is not included is because the suit will be vital to a future storyline and they want to give it justice. This could mean that the suit will be available in a sequel which will set up Venom as the main villain.

Venom was first teased in the game's second post-credits scene wherein Norman Osborn's son, Harry, is being kept alive inside a pod for his illness. Harry is surrounded by black web-like goo and it responded to Norman's plea. Fans began to suspect that Harry is covered with the Venom symbiote, thus making him the game's version of the menacing villain.

The potential "Spidey" PS4 sequel also sets up Miles Morales as Peter's successor after he revealed his powers right in front of him.

Keeping the fans interested in the game

According to PlayStationLifeStyle, Intihar stated that he and the developers will continue to create new content for the fans to further engaged them in the game. While plans for a sequel are still being discussed, their post-launch content will keep players busy, giving them a new challenge.

Insomniac Games already announced three DLC stories for the "City That Never Sleeps" content as Spidey will first encounter Black Cat in "The Heist" chapter on October 23. The last two remaining chapters will launch in November and December. The game is currently available for the PS4 console.