The latest updates for the PS4 exclusive "Spider-Man" video game reveal a fan-favorite Marvel character returning to Peter Parker's life. Insomniac Games and Marvel launched the first teaser trailer for the "City That Never Sleeps" DLC and it featured Felicia Hardy (a.k.a. Black Cat) crossing paths with the web-slinger.

Insomniac Games also announced that the game's Photo Mode will be added to the Day 1 patch update. The new "Spider-Man" game will allow players to become Spidey in an open-world New York as they stop Martin Li and his gang from taking over the city.

They will also have to juggle both Peter's personal and superhero life.

Black Cat added to the Spider-Man DLC

According to Comic, the teaser showcase Black Cat entering an unnamed building and Peter is shocked to see her going back to her thieving ways. Felicia flirts and taunts around Spidey, and the two began to chase each other from the rooftops of the buildings to the New York subways.

The first chapter of the DLC is called "The Heist" and the name suggests that Black Cat might have stolen something valuable that Spidey has to chase her down, knowing that she has attracted some very dangerous company. Both Peter and Felicia have a rich and sometimes complicated relationship with one another.

They have been adversaries, partners, and occasionally, on-and-off lovers.

The first chapter is scheduled to be released on October 23 and the second and third chapters will launch in November and December.

Photo Mode added in Day 1 patch

According to IGN, Photo Mode will be included in "Spider-Man's" Day 1 patch update. Insomniac Games explained that Photo Mode allows players to take pictures of Spidey wherever and whenever they want during gameplay.

They can photo him while web-swinging, fighting bad guys. or even hanging around buildings.

Players are also able to customize the photos they took from focus and aperture to color filters, vignettes, and comic book styled backgrounds and stickers.

Players will explore the large open-world map as they fight crime, swing, and even do side-quests.

They can also unlock new items and costumes by collecting Peter's backpacks that are hidden around the city. The Spidey costumes allow players to unlock new abilities like a sonic blast, hologram clones, increased speed, and many more.

Peter can also upgrade his suit to its full potential and create web-based gadgets with the help of Miles Morales.