Destiny 2’s” “Forsaken” expansion has introduced new contents into the game, not to mention that it also brought in some major changes into the shooter. However, some of the tweaks have irked quite a number of players and these have been brought to light by some of them. That said, Bungie recently responded to these concerns that were gaining traction among its player base.

One of the concerns raised by players is the performance of the game when played on home consoles. Reddit user u/R-con recently took to the Destiny subreddit to call out the game developer about the online-only shooter’s current state on home consoles.

According to his post, “Destiny 2” had taken a massive plunge in terms of performance on console by the time the “Forsaken” segment went live. He further explained that the game’s framerate has been “dropping all over the place,” adding that both the player and inventory screens are taking some time to load. The Redditor also stated that the issue is already noticeable with the “WarmindDLC and it got worse with the game’s latest expansion.

Dmg on D2’s performance on consoles

Bungie’s Community Manager – Dmg (A_dmg04) - took notice of the post and responded to the issue. He assured console players that they will be looking into it, adding that he’ll be passing it along to the appropriate teams.

He pointed out, though, that there will be no projected tweaks or fixes for this one at the moment. Dmg went on stating that he and fellow Community Manager Cozmo (Cozmo23) will relay any updates to the community whenever a new update about the issue arises.

The Sleeper Simulant debate

Another concern that was also addressed, is about the Exotic Heavy-slot Fusion Rifle – Sleeper Simulant. For the uninitiated, Guardians believe that the weapon is OP in the game, especially in Gambit.

As of late, “D2” players have contrasting opinions on what should be done to the fusion rifle.

That said, Bungie tweeted out an official communication about this heavily debated topic, stating that they are aware of the Sleeper being OP in Gambit. The developer added that their Sandbox team is looking for potential tweaks to address the issue. The tweet went on, stating that their goal is to maintain the Sleeper’s power, but tune it so it “doesn’t feel to be the only viable power weapon” on the hybrid game mode. In line with this, Gameplay Design Lead – Josh Hamrick also tweeted that regardless of the specific changes, the weapon should absolutely remain an option and not the only option.