For months on end, Nintendo Switch owners have been clamoring for publisher 2K Games and developer Rockstar Games to port their highly successful "Grand Theft Auto" franchise over to the hybrid console. Specifically, the idea of playing the likes of "GTA V" -- the infamous entry in the crime simulation series that broke records and went on to become the highest-grossing game of all-time -- on-the-go and in full HD is something that everyone wants. Even if the publisher doesn't greenlight such a port, that doesn't mean gamers can't settle for the next best thing -- Deep Silver and their prodigy "Saints Row: The Third." According to the publisher, its developer (Volition) is working on a Switch port for its critically-acclaimed, over-the-top crime game.

Surprise, surprise

The brief announcement was made via a tweet from the Deep Silver UK Twitter account: "We're happy to announce that @SaintsRow: The Third is coming to #NintendoSwitch! More info to be revealed in due course #gamescom." Not much is known about the port or when it will be ready for launch. The tweet came as a surprise given that there were no signs that the "Saints Row" series would be taking the dive into the Nintendo Switch pool.

A strange pick

Along with the abrupt timing of the announcement of "Saints Row: The Third" coming to the Nintendo Switch, what's also surprising is that the entry itself was the one chosen to make the splash. That leaves its sequels "Saints Row 4" and "Saints Row: Gat out of Hell" in a strange position.

Both entries would have also fit well on the Switch, and both are just as successful as their predecessor. It's possible that Deep Silver is using this entry to test the waters in Nintendo's pool. Other than that, it's anyone's guess why Deep Silver felt that this entry was the ideal starting point for the series' journey on a Nintendo platform.

The deal with 'Saints Row: The Third'

"Saints Row: The Third" is the third entry in the highly popular third-person shooter franchise, hence the title. Similar to 2K games' "GTA" series, these Video Games center around a criminal lifestyle. Unlike its competitor, however, the entire series consists of an ongoing narrative focused on the Third Street Saints gang. The third entry continues the story of the gang as they assimilate into a corporation to become a media empire, only to be drawn into a war with a rival group known as The Syndicate.