Epic Games and Nintendo are doubling down on their friendly relationship. On Wednesday it was announced the two companies have partnered in order to launch a "Fortnite" Nintendo Switch bundle which will be launching next month. This is the latest move in a partnership that has strengthened quickly once the Battle Royale title first landed on the console. The first move in this new partnership was Nintendo allowing the game to be played on the Switch without going through a kind of paywall that was set up with the launch of the Nintendo Switch online program launched on Tuesday.

Fortnite getting its hooks into the Nintendo Switch

When it was announced that "Fortnite" was going to be allowed to be played online without a subscription through the Switch, it should have been a no-brainer to realize there was more coming. Now that this new bundle has been announced, it's clear what the long-term plan was from the start.

Polygon reports the bundle is scheduled to launch on October 5 and there will be a number of perks for those who buy the "Double Helix" package. We know there is going to be in-game cash, but Nintendo and Epic Games have hinted there are also going to be emotes and outfits that are unique to the Switch. It appears to some degree, those things are being kept secret for now.

What we do know is that you'll be able to get the Double Helix outfit as well as "back bling" and pickaxe. You'll also be able to get 1,000 v-bucks in order to more personalize your character in "Fortnite." They can also use the v-bucks to buy the battle pass, which gives them even more access to new items when they become available.

Fortnite becomes even more addictive

The Battle Royale title has been a kind of double-edged sword since it was first launched. The Nintendo Switch is one of the last platforms the game has landed on, but it's clear the developers and the video game console makers are working hard to speed up their relationship. It makes sense.

"Fortnite" is the most popular game in the world. More players are picking up the title every day. At the same time, since it's available on just about everything, there is a need to come up with a way to make people play on one device over another. Samsung recognized this when they came up with a special offer for those who preordered their phones.

As for Nintendo, they've just started embracing bundles and they're now moving quite quickly in order to launch more. The "Fortnite" bundle stands out because the game is usually free anyway.