Every gamer knows how frustrating it is to fail a mission, but it's even more frustrating when a glitch is the reason for the failure. According to a report by GameRant, Twitch streamer DarkViperAU attempted to achieve a new “Grand Theft Auto V” world record in the “Big Score” mission, which is the sixth and final heist mission of the game, when such a glitch happened.

What is ‘Big Score’ mission?

The “GTA V” Big Score mission requires a player to load a car into a moving tractor trailer. DarkViperAU is one of the most experienced players in the game, and he holds the record in most of the accepted speedrunning categories, except for Classic.

DarkViperAU is confident that he can beat the record. The current record for the Big Score mission is 6:36:48, and it is held by ToriksLV.

How did the glitch happen?

While DarkViperAU attempted to beat ToriksLV, the glitch occurred and made DarkViperAU’s car crash into oncoming traffic on the left side of the road. By the time DarkViperAU got back on the right side, he already lost too much time, and the countdown expired just before the car could enter the back of the trailer. The streamer and other players might still continue to break the record, but the glitch will probably remain in their heads.

GTA Online upcoming features

In other GTA news, Rockstar Games recently announced that there will be new features added to “Gta Online” this autumn and beyond.

According to a report by Twinfinite, the upcoming features are new Transform Races, Adversary modes, and Batmobiles. The new Transform Races will bring a mix-and-match style track setup. The races can seamlessly change between land, sea, and air locations. The races can also feature any kinds of automobile, planes, boats, and basically any vehicles available in “GTA Online.” Skydiving might also be included.

Transform Races is expected to arrive later this month. Players are expected to prepare and start building their own multi-vehicle course once the GTA Online Race Creator is updated.

New Adversary Mode

The “GTA Online” Adversary Mode will introduce two new features. First is an aerial combat competition called Dogfighting. The second feature is called Condemned.

Rockstar Games described the Condemned mode as “free-for-all." In the beginning of the Condemned mode, one player will be marked as a Target. The remaining players will fight together to kill the target, but when the marked target killed another player first, the Target status will be transferred to the certain player.