If you are one of the Nintendo Switch users worrying you aren't going to be able to play "Fornite" without shelling out more cash, you can rest easy. It appears that the Battle Royale game is going to be one of the only online games that will be playable without needing to be signed up for Nintendo's new online service. That service launches for the Switch later this month.

Nintendo Switch not locking out its newest 'Fortnite' customers

Eurogamer points out that the Nintendo Switch subscription service isn't all that expensive. Gamers who want to play online games using the service will have to pay just $19.99 a year.

Paying that money will give people access to the ability to play games like "Splatoon 2" and "Arms." It will also allow for users to play some historical greats. The one game so far that has been set aside is "Fortnite."

Nintendo has even laid out a special note to tell people that they can play the game without needing to pay for this subscription. The interesting thing about this move is that it shows Nintendo knows what is buttering its bread. The company knows that "Fortnite" can bring a ton of new players to its newest console.

The Switch has had quite a bit of success since it launched, but Nintendo seems to understand there could be quite a bit more success coming down the pike. This is why the FAQ for the Switch includes the note about why "Fortnite" is playable without having to pay the fee.

Could Fortnite start a new trend?

One of the interesting things about Nintendo being willing to allow people to play "Fortnite" without paying the subscription is that it could be the beginning of a trend. Obviously, there is some kind of agreement between developer Epic Games and the Nintendo. There is apparently some kind of deal where Nintendo is getting some of the money "Fortnite" is generating by selling its emotes and outfits and the like.

Could other games come along and do the same thing? It seems like a reasonable bet. The problem for Nintendo is that they cannot do this kind of deal all that often. If they allow too many other titles through their paywall, there soon won't be a paywall to put up. Subscribers are going to need to have a reason to subscribe.

It should be pointed out that if they had forced "Fortnite" players to pay that subscription, Nintendo could have made more money on the front end. Of course, the company might have also lost all the "Fortnite" players that have been using the Switch since the game launched on that platform.