The grind is indeed back once again in “Destiny 2” after the release of its “ForsakenDLC. The limited-time Crucible event of Iron Banner is also making a return alongside some few tweaks in it. With all the activities that are currently going on in the online-only shooter, Guardians will be coming across some glitches that could help them out during gameplay.

An exploit was discovered a few days ago by “D2” players where it somewhat barred adds from spawning during the Kalli encounter. The YouTuber known as Rifle Gaming - who’s also known for his “Destiny 2” glitch walkthroughs - recently uploaded a video about this glitch as he stated that it will be beneficial for players who don’t have enough time when playing “Destiny 2.”

According to the YouTuber, Guardians will have to trigger the Last Wish raid as the exploit’s first step.

The next step is that the entire team needs to be eliminated from the raid as it will prompt a message telling players that the game will restart within six seconds. Once the timer is on the screen, a member of the team will have to leave once it hits zero. The player who left will then rejoin the group as they relaunch the raid. If done correctly, the only adds that will spawn during the boss fight are the ones in the middle.

Similar to the Calus exploit

Rifle even compared the exploit to the Calus glitch from about a year ago where it also despawned adds. The YouTuber also claims that the method could work with other encounters within the Last Wish, though this has yet to be proven. He further explained that the exploit will save Guardians a lot of time during this raid event, though he pointed out that Bungie might patch this glitch once they’ve detected it.

However, a subscriber to his YT channel commented that the glitch is still in the game even after the reset/hotfix (September 18).

A third-person glitch during the Broken Courier

Another “Destiny 2” channel over on YouTube – Glitchtutorial – also uploaded a short clip showcasing one of those third-person glitches. Per his video, he uses the Stormcaller subclass of the Warlock while he’s taking on the Broken Courier mission.

Once the mission has been loaded, he fills up his character’s super and returns to where the quest started. He then activated his Warlock’s super that eventually triggers the third-person glitch. This step requires a bit of timing since the super must be activated as the Guardian’s weapon lowers down.