If you haven't played "Fortnite" on any mobile devices yet, Samsung is making sure you have a new incentive to do so. A new leak has surfaced that seems to indicate that those who pre-order the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 are going to get a nice little haul in "Fortnite." Those who love the video game and are looking for a new smartphone are going to be able to get 15,000 V-Bucks for the game.

'Fortnite' players always looking for a boost

While not yet on the Android platform, XDA Developers points out that it's expected to be landing soon. While an exact date is not yet known, when it does arrive, there are going to be a few Android-based phones that are going to be better to play it on than with the large-screened Note.

With Samsung getting ready to flood the market with the Galaxy Note 9, "Fortnite" players will be able to get a new boost.

The boost obviously won't be able to make them better players, as the title has long prided itself on staying away from "play to win" aspects some other micro-transaction games have offered. What players will be able to buy with those 15,000 V-Bucks are new emotes, dances, and brand new apparel. Developer Epic Games has reportedly made more than $1 billion since it was first launched. Quite a bit of that money comes from those who are looking to buy battle passes and V-Bucks.

Pre-ordering the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is available without an official announcement

One of the most interesting things about this leak, which first surfaced on the Twitter account @FNBRLeaks, is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has not officially been announced.

That hasn't stopped the company from allowing people to preorder the device.

As Mashable reports, Samsung hasn't officially said what the next Note is going to be called, or when it's coming. The company has still set up a website where people are able to make it clear they want the next device, no matter what it's called and when it's coming.

If the love of the Note line of smartphones wasn't enough of an incentive, the "Fortnite" bonus is certainly going to be a pretty good incentive on its own.

The bonus for Epic Games is that it's entirely possible this kind of incentive is one that could bring more players to the game. Those who didn't realize they were going to get the V-Bucks windfall might decide to download and play the game just to see what they can do with the digital currency. Once they check out the world's most popular game in "Fortnite", they might get hooked.